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Build a custom store with Printicks and sell merchandise online. We print and ship direct and send you the profit.

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Dropship anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Worldwide

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No Minimums

With zero quanity restrictions, POD service has never been easier.

No Inventory

No stock management or warehousing needed.

Unlimited Profit Potential

You have got complete control of your margins, as you value your effort. 

Fully Customisable Website

Our POD service provides you with a free & full featured domain.

What is print on demand?

Print-on-Demand (POD) is a business model in which products are printed and shipped by Printicks after you receive a sale order. Print-on-demand has three steps:


Create or upload designs and select products in our online store.


Printing of the products by us.


Packaging and shipment of the product directly to your customer.

To put it simply, Print on Demand services enable you to partner with an experienced wholesale retailer and market their products from your site. We handle all printing and logistics, leaving you free to focus on designing and marketing your brand!

What are the benefits of Print on demand services?

Unleash your creativity and generate revenue while saving on time, money and effort!

No Investment

With no storage or printing costs and a free platform to benefit from, no capital investment is required on your part. 

Wide Range of Products

Huge assortment of customisable garments you can sell, all printed and shipped on demand, under your brand!

No inventory necessary

Say goodbye to any storage or warehousing. We will stock, manage and print products for you. 

No Minimum Restrictions

We will print all of your orders regartdless of quantity and you do not need to pay for anything upfront. 

Fast Turnaround

Fast processing and delivery in Australia. Orders for our POD clients are accurately and expertly stocked, printed, packed and shipped directly to customers within 4-7 business days.


Years of Expertise

We have years of experience in drop-shopping and are well aware of and have taken precautions against any challenges you may face.  

Free Platform

Our Print on Demand platform is completely free. We do not charge any subscription fees and, in essence with our values, there are no hidden charges

Make Money

We have fixed costs of garments and our costs will not vary with your prices. You have complete freedom to set your prices and decide your own margins.

One Solution For All Your printing Needs!

Get Started

It's better to deciede what you want to do with your dropshipping store before you get started. Would you like to establish it as a retail brand and sell pre designed set products? Or would you like to have your artwork that can be printed on shirts or other items? You can choose one option or both.

How To Create A POD Website On Our Platform?

Sign Up

1. Click on our sign-up page here. 

Please fill in the details on the form and choose a site name.


Website Name / URL can be changed later

Design Your First Product

2. Create and design your product

  • 2.1 - Please click on [ Decorated Products ] in left side bar.
  • 2.2 - Click on [ Create Decorated Products ] in top bar on right side. 
  • 2.3 - Select the desired blank prodcut, then click [ Save ] and [ Continue ] at the bottom of page.
  • 2.4 - Upload your artwork by clicking on [ Add Design ]. For optimum artwork specification check below. 

Artwork Specifications
File Mode: RGB
Quality: 300 DPI
Size: 100% of print size
Cropped to the edges
Background: Transparent
File Format: PNG

Artwork Size
Pocket Area: 10x10cm
Standard Area: 35x40cm
Sleeves Area: 
Neck Label: 


There’s an option called Append Product Name which will automatically add the name of the product next to the name you gave. We would advise to not to use Append Product Name option and name your product "Your Design Name Mens Tee" or “Your Design Name Unisex Tee” (as an example).

There is also an option to allow users to customise the design or not. We recommend selecting "Do not allow users to customise the design" for retail stores.

  • 2.5 - Add a product and design description along with the material and size info of the product you chose.
  • 2.6 - Give a name to make new category.
  • 2.7 - Click [ Save and Continue ].


Some examples of Categories could be; sale, spirng, new arrivals, popular, mens, womens, specials or anything you want. You can change this later.

3. Finalise Blank Products

  • 3.1 - You can select more blank products same as 2.3 above.
  • 3.2 - Select the colours for each product. Keep the selection [ All Colours ] tick box if you want to have of all available colours for that product, or uncheck that tick box and select the only colours you want to offer to your customers.
  • 3.3 - Click [ Save and Continue ]. 


Make sure to have your design looks nice on all colours, For example a white design will look better on a dark t-shirt but might not look nice on a white or light coloured garment.

Set Pricing

4. Choose Markup

  • 4.1 - Set your pricing by unticking [ Use Default Markup ] and setting the Retail Sale Price as you desire.
  • 4.2 - Repeat this step for each of your products.


The default markup rate is the pre-set margin assigned to the affiliate site. This is not a true reflection of the profit which an affiliate store can earn from a transaction. We say this because the margin is not permanently set and the affiliate can change it by adjusting the markup rate both at the website level and at the individual product level. Furthermore, the affiliate store can select if the bulk discounts are applied to the markup.

Default Markup:

We provide affiliate stores with an initial default markup; store commission.  This default store commission is an amount added to our recommened price of a product to set the affiliate store wholsale price. The markup commssion is the amount the affiliate store owner will earn from the transaction.

How is the Default Retail Price Calculated?:

The affiliate store retail price is calculated by adding the default store markup with the retail price set by Printicks.

Effect of Store Commission Change on Default Markup Percentage:

In the initial stages, when Printicks changes the default mark-up rate, the default mark-up rate percentage will adjust according to it. The default mark-up percentage which changes in accordance with the mark-up rate, as the commission derived default mark-up. This default mark-up percentage is calculated by dividing the mark-up commission by the difference between our retail price and that of the affiliate store’s mark-up amount.

Click here to view how the commission derived default mark-up percentage is calculated.

At the default mark-up percentage, any product’s retail sale price at the affiliate store’s site will be the same as Printick’s recommended retail price.

The affiliate store can change the mark-up from this commission derived default mark-up percentage and hence adjust the retail price on the store. This enables the site owner to set his own margins from any transaction.

Click here to view how the affiliate retail price changes when the mark-up rate is adjusted.

Things to note about setting the markup:

  • The affiliate can set a zero markup, but the price cannot be lower than the calculated wholesale so the Fulfillment Center cannot make a loss.
  • Alternatively, the affiliate store owner can set the mark-up rate as high as they prefer and the entire mark-up amount gained will be for the affiliate to keep.
  • The default mark-up rate can be changed at the website level as well as on an individual product level.

Other Fees and Charges

IIt is pertinent to note additional charges apart from product costs and markup commissions. Artwork, shipping and other charges related to the fulfillment process are all added to the affiliate store customer’s price for the order.


Click on the below links to read helpful guides for more information on changing settings for additional charges:

Shipping Prices
Shipping methods
Artwork Charges
Taxes Settings
Extra Charges

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